I liked it well enough

That is, the new Star Trek movie. I feel some sort of entitlement to be pissed off should JJ Abrams screw it all up, given I did sit on my ass on the lounge floor Sunday mornings watching the original series as a kid. And I don’t trust JJ Abrams at all.

Having said that, anythings better than Nemesis and that cuss that was involved with all the previous Star Trek crap thats come out recently.

I won’t say much about it other than it pleased me well enough as a fan of the original. And it even did a decent job of the Federation before high tech. Better than Enterprise did, at least.

Sitting through it though, I wondered if it would make a better TV series than a film, but that might just be me pining for the old series. That and I’ve now got a DVD store membership I can finally watch all of Galatica. And the movie reminded me of what I’ve seen of Galatica.

So. When’s the next movie. And whens the next Star Wars series?


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