I had a dream

I can’t remember when I did, but for some reason I remembered it this morning. Probably because my brain is a soup of conflicting projects and is endlessly thinking in several directions at the moment.

SOCNOC is flying on up in a months time. I have two novel ideas, but nothing fixed yet. I still have Huia to sort out, and chances are they’ll only get the one short story from me this time around. AP is still pickling away in the background. There’s a few pointless short stories I’m writing at the moment for self amusement. Then there’s Card Fighters which I’m puzzling away at, and still testing with Cassie. That programming part of my brain is hungry to write more, and whenever my programming part of my brain gets too fired up, I think of interactive fiction.

(Hello to any IFmud readers who might be checking out my stuff right now as I post)

Somewhere in the dredge of all that is my want to find a good book. Right now I’m reading First Man of Rome, which a friend recommended to me. I’m playing in an online game called Republic of Rome, an 8 player game of simple, yet horrible cunning that represents Rome through the ages, with a whole lot of backstabbing and dealing. The book does a good job of explaining the mechanics of the Rome represented rather well in the game.

The books big, very big. I think about how I want to read something simple, and adventurous like the old Dragonlance books I read as a kid. A few people banding together, while the realms go to heck. Typical quest fantasy.

That’s where my dream comes in. Dreaming of maps. Making a map and a few characters and just letting them walk from one end to the next. Stick that in your SOCNOC, my dream tells me. But I find myself unconvinced.

Sunday morning ticks on, and is quickly becoming Sunday afternoon. I think today, if nothing else, I’d like to get a decent cup of Earl Grey. The air is changing, and it smells like the last few days of summer …

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