Bloody hell!

This was meant to be a graceful and dignified about how I got my cup of tea today (Russia Caravan, actually, and yes, leaf tea). Let’s get back to that after I finish up with my explanation for my bad language.

90 something hits on my blog today! Heck. But even the stats for WordPress really never tell you where they came from or what they did. I know that someones been reading up on AP though … hope you enjoyed!

Right. Back with the dignity, I hope.

I got me my tea, and investigated getting my subscription back to Usagi Yojimbo. Here’s a rather cool picture of him, drinking tea, perhaps a little like I am right now. And also, here’s an even more keen paper cutout toy that you can make, of my favourite samurai! Which I found while trying to find that picture of Usagi for the site.

I remembered my New Years Resolutions today. Let’s go through them and see how I’m doing. Get Tyson published. Working on that. Enter Huia 2009. Done. Almost. Enter Nanowrimo 2009. Planning on it still. Enter the IF Comp 2009. Crap. Want to get that one sorted. Somehow.

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