Just like comics

I was pondering yesterday, while working on a little side project. I’m a great lover of Usagi Yojimbo, and if there is anything true of the early stuff, compared with the later stuff, it is that things just look a little different. Usagi himself is a little more dumpy, not so elegant as he is in later issues. Having said that, that’s probably the development of 25 years of work.

I’ve been working on Eyes Only: Hardprint. Which is just a list of everything we know about AP, up to any certain point. It probably helps me more than readers, but it will probably be help to a reader who is only involved in AP on a Monday to Monday basis. It’s a huge list of facts and figures already, but there is one thing I’ve noticed about Constance as of datastream 1, compared to Constance of datastream 3. Certainly of Manly for the same period. They are just more comfortably written, more elegant.

Oooh. Constance returning? Did I say that?

Do I change it? Do I edit it for any printed version? It’s a lot like Judge Dredd, and I’ve always used 2000AD as a template of sorts. It’s all serial. Anything that I write that goes out there is stuck out there. If Constance or Manly are a little more fuller and better written in later datastreams (and I guess that’s natural), then that’s just a consequence of serial.

Still not sure what I will do when I go to print. I know I will edit, just to make things a little more natural, to make sure the right words are used here or there. But I don’t know if it’s laziness that makes me want to just leave the text mostly how it is. I don’t think I’ve made any horrible inconsistencies (yet), but for the most part, I think it’s a good read end to end.

April closes with me hitting about 28k. About 60-70k for the year to date I think. And only 35k on AP so far, so not as much as I thought. But still working hard.


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