Writing for the hell of it

I’ve always needed some sort of project that will just let me write, when I need to and for as long as I need to. In a way, AP is sort of like that. No expectations, and heck, not a lot of editing, fast and hard and see where it takes me in the end. For the most part, I’ve been doing that, although I’ve had to start taking notes of late, and read backwards to make sure I’m not contridicting.

In the end, I hope that it’s a ride that others will enjoy too. But in the end, no hard expectations, just see where it takes me.

Even now though, I’m starting to put a little expectation on myself. I hesitated on the latest datastream, wondering where the heck I was going with it all. Feeling the weight of expectation on myself. I started on the next datastream though, all the same. Hoping for the best, and still hoping that it will find readers.

Then there is stuff I just write for the hell of it. No expectation at all, because no one will ever read it. Where I can just kick out and try things. Usually I call this sketching, I guess the same sort of thing that an artist might try, just for the heck of it. I haven’t done a lot of that lately, but like Cassie mentioned in her post today, taking the not so easy route, and seeing where it takes me.

So today I managed to do both, but as May swings around (which is only in a few days now), I’m going to have to sort of my Huia entries, and sort out my novel for SOCNOC. Rather proud of my word count for the month, but it does help that I’ve been writing and not editing. Ah the bane of my word count …


One thought on “Writing for the hell of it

  1. omg… hearing you talk about May being just a few days away is scary.
    Logically, I know that Friday is May, and this is the last day of April, but it didn’t really hit home until now.
    Where is the year going?
    I’m glad your count is looking healthy – thanks to you, so is mine!

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