Huia done

Finished my Huia entry (one of them at least) yesterday, but wasn’t so hot on the last 1/3 of it, given that it was sort of the crux of the matter. I even did a little bit more writing in the afternoon to get my count up a little. I might finish that one off, before I start on anything else. Or I might just launch into the new datastream of AP. Not entirely sure yet.

It would appear that a lot of people are coming to my blog after searching for Nesian Mystik. If only I knew I just had to drop a few big names in a post to get the punters in. Also, I had a search for ‘A glimpse of heaven and hell’ which is the name for my other free fiction … not sure if they were looking for it exclusively, but still cool!

One thought on “Huia done

  1. lol glad you got it done. When do I get to take a look? Think you’ll rework the ending til you’re happy with it?

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