Another weekend done

They always seem so glorious come Saturday, and then as Sunday winds through, you can’t help but wishing you could do Saturday again. Saturday is the sweet spot of the weekend. Getting up the day after work. Taking things easy. Saturday is when you couldn’t possibly think of the end of the weekend. Then when Sunday comes, that’s the half way point. It’s all down hill from there.

Course, I’m rather rambling. Short story is that it’s Sunday night. And all that Sunday night is good for is staying up late, regretting that one has not spent their weekend doing other stuff. Or more of the same.

I spent too much time playing Fallout3, and too little time writing. I did mean to write. I’ll probably hit it hard in the final week of the month. From memory, I’ve broken the 18k target I had for the month. I might need to check back and see how it is I actually managed to write that much. I think it was probably stacks of AP writing. Heck. I think I was on holiday somewhere in there too.

I shall have to write more next month of course.

Huia tomorrow, and then I might write another segment of AP to keep ahead of myself. A month and a bit until SOCNOC, which I’m hoping to enter this year. Busy, busy. But what to write, I wonder.

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