We ALL need to write …

Well that will teach me to sit on my ass and not write. Well, it’s been a fun day sitting on my ass, playing Fallout3 in HD. But amongst all that I figured that I should write, because Cassie probably was. And as we all know, we are both locked in writing battle, as we play Card Fighters Clash: Writers edition.

It rather looked like I was going for an eventual but easy win, but no, Cassie wont have a part of it. Although I’ve given her a hearty clouting, and she’s approaching half way dead, she’s managing to pull fighters out of no where and push up the word count day after day to do so.

Long story short, I’ll have to write tomorrow or get my ass handed to me I think.

One thought on “We ALL need to write …

  1. I’ll fight back where and when I can, no lying down and letting you win. Never. If you want victory you have to earn it. lol I’m having fun despite the fact that I’m losing 😉

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