More and more

I appear to be hitting a good workflow at the moment, writing wise. Finished another Datastream of AP, putting myself firmly one Datastream, and one Interlude ahead of the game. I want to get out the next Interlude and then I’ll be ready to start writing for the Huia 2009 comp.

Truth be told, I am a little nervous about it. Probably because I’m putting a little expectation on it. I guess it’s because this is a ‘serious’ project, where I have to put out something of literary worth. No, that doesn’t really explain it right. It probably is expectation. This is really the only major local publishing thing I go for. I don’t think it’s the whole ‘will I make the grade, when I made the grade last time’ nerves.

Just write.

Putting out about 1,600 words a day at the moment with AP. It will be good to get onto something new after today. I need to read back through AP, and see how it’s coming as a whole. And now (hopefully) I have a few new followers, so I wanna do good by you all! For the month to date, I’m about 14,000, heading for the target of about 18,000 for the month last month?


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