Good morning 60 hits

And 11 of those are from the Web Fiction Guide, which I actually had meant to rave about last week, while I was on holiday. I haven’t had the chance to go through the great amount of free fiction on there that I want to. Who knew that all this time I wasn’t actually writing ‘free fiction’, I was writing ‘web fiction’. That’s how I found the site, I think.

Anyway, there’s pretty much something for everyone there. I’m hoping to find myself a nice weekly, regular read so I can experience the excitement I hope to dole out each week. There are a good deal of weekly serials listed up there too.

So, to Web Fiction Guide viewers, welcome! Pull up a chair. Make yourself at home. Check out Agents Provocateurs. I think that it’s probably a good time to join (not that I’m bias). There’s not too much to backread, yet there is enough there to give you a sense whether you’d like it or not.

Right now I’m flying quickly towards the end of Datastream 3, as next week sees the end of Datastream 2. I’m still finding the writing a surprise at time. Very much flying by the seat of my pants. Who knows what will happen next?

On other news, well, there’s not a lot. I should be writing Huia fiction, but I want to finish up with the latest Datastream and write the next interlude. I know what the next interlude will be. Don’t know how this Datastream (3) will end, but I’ll get a sense of that today I think, and whether its a 5 or 6 segment story. And I know what Datastream 4 is going to cover.

Probably just excuses. I should just be writing Huia fiction. Just under a month to go. And thanks to Cassie and Kerryn for kind comments!

EDIT: By the end of this post I appear to have hit pretty much 80 hits. Exciting times!


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