tama wise

Back to the grind


So it’s really not been all that long, but it does rather feel like years. Lets hope that all the last few bits and pieces of works reconstruction is done by the time I get in today. That would just be rather keen. Swell even. And of course, the first order of business when getting back from a long break is to plan the next one, to give oneself something to look forward to.

Next order of business would be writing. Chances are I’ll spit out another segment of AP, in preparation for tonights release of the new segment. I really should be writing something for Huia, and I guess I’ll get to that tomorrow. Maybe weeks of nothing but Huia possibles. Once it’s done, I wonder what’s next? We are still a while away from SOCNOC. I’ll have to sort that one out. Give myself a nice, fun project.

Card Fighters Clash: Writers Edition starts again today, but I’m scared my word count is far too heavy for it to be a fair fight with Cassie.

Ah, and buddy Jerome. Consider this a warning. I will get you back writing again.

Oh, and I got a story accepted for a compilation! For Queen and Country, a story set in the Pax Britannica setting, has been accepted for the Kiwi Writers compilation! Sweet. Every story out there counts.

Lastly, good old Pipboy up there. He gets to be on the post because of the words ‘keen’ and ‘swell’ and hopefully (despite being tired after a bad nights sleep) I’ll go into work with a thumps up frame of mind. That and I spent the weekend playing far too much Fallout3. Don’t even get me started on the madness that allows people to sell games for $140 bucks! And no, I got a cheaper copy.