Proud to be a creative New Zealander

Was watching a whole lot of stuff last night with a friend. One of them was a documentary on local group Nesian Mystik. When it comes to local success stories of the creative kind, I already knew the story, but this doco was enough to make me feel inspired.

Damn I aughta write more often. Makes me wanna write more and write more New Zealand stuff. Well I get my chance at the moment with just under a month until the Huia comp. I think I might just have to plunge in and start writing some stuff.

Nesian Mystik turned up in song in my Tyson novel. A lot of local music groups did, but Nesian’s always held a special place with me, having actually lived in the area where they came from for a goodly number of years.

So yet another call to write more. When I guess I’m writing a decent amount at the moment. I guess that at the moment I’m just a tensy bit directionless. Might be time to get back up onto the NZ novel horse and all.

While you’re at that site, watching all that Nesian good stuff, check out a famous NZ series called Gloss. ‘Nuff said.


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