Still on holiday

My top net search results that point at this blog are (at the moment);

maori silent hill,  robots protecting us,  novel stinks,  “mars 500”,  limited edition my little pony.

Good to see interest in Mars 500. Sorry people. Looks like they ain’t as interested as us, because I’m still yet to find out anything about what’s happening. They coulda all blown up and gone to hell by now, but we wouldn’t know. No blog posts from the crew like we were promised.

Novels stink? Do they?

Maori silent hill. Well, that’s an interesting one. I think this is the first time I’ve had a hit from the word ‘maori’. I should use it more often. I am a maori writer though … that should sorta count. Have I mentioned it on my blog? I think so …

Robots protecting us? Robots never protect us. Something always goes strange or arry. I should make mention of the robots in the Agents Provocateurs setting, which has a new segment out today. I hope that all counts for something dear readers! I’m on holiday and you still get your weekly thrill, each Monday as promised!

And My Little Pony. Well, I did blog on that …

Right. That’s all done. Back to my holiday and see you all in a day or so.


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