Non writing pursuits

Thank goodness for public libraries

At least this computer works a little better. It’s rather typical of me that I hit a new town, and end up going to the local library in preference to any other place. At least they have good machines, and decent internet!

Still can’t find any internet cafes in this town. And the net is a hint expensive.

Whakatane is an interesting place. You could never make this city in any of the SimCity games. It’s just too small and too cramped. But it’s a nice place all  the same, and at least the weather is playing ball and being nice.

I managed to write, despite all things. One of those things being a drastic lack of places to charge anything. One of the benefits of living in a tent I guess. But the laptop is mostly charged again, thanks to an outlet right next to the table I was sitting at in a local cafe. I wrote another segment on datastream 3, ensuring that there won’t be a shortage of AP any time soon.

Well, that’s it for now. I should be out there being a tourist. Or at least relaxing a little more, and being a lot less wired.


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