Post 200

This is Post 200 for my blog and I guess with numbers in the air this would be a good time to mention Mars 500. What’s up with Mars 500? Nothing. That’s how much we have heard from either the crew or the mission. Hell, so much for the blog updates we were meant to be getting.

Who knows what the intrepid crew are up to. If this was a real Mars trip, I’d hope we would get a little more update on whats going on.

Anyway, not much else to mention at the moment. I will be taking a well needed break next week, starting from Easter Friday. Excellent. Hopefully I can still get plenty of writing done, given I’m locked in mortal combat with Cassie. I expect I’ll get months more of AP written.

Who knows where it will go from here. I think I might need to do some more advertising, and maybe a poll or two …


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