Another day, another novel?

Not quite, but still a day writing is a good day. I almost didn’t write, but then remembered that if I skipped writing (just because it was my birthday) I couldn’t play a fighter, leaving myself open to Cassie’s upcoming attack. Note to self, put in word totals, so I can actually see how much she’s written and what sort of dire danger I could be in for not writing!

I did some writing on AP, I’m now more than a month ahead. And into a totally new Datastream. Is it fair to be this far ahead of the readers? I might need to be. It’s good to have something up my sleeve. Exciting times are ahead though! I hope.

I’ve had a few ideas for my Huia entry. I should just be writing them, but I guess when the time is right, I’ll write. I’m not toooo worried yet. Still time there.


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