Too long a day

Hopefully Cassie will forgive my angry writing today. I did an interlude of AP, and then wrote some gift fiction. Rather tired today, and really needed to escape. Writing bad fiction seemed to be the best way to do that at the moment.

2648 words. And a good start to Card Fighters. Unfortunately Cassie is offline at the moment … but she’ll be back. Oh yes she will. Can’t hide forever.

Tomorrow I turn 34. I almost forget too. My body clock is too busy trying to catch up with daylight savings I think, and the internal editors are working overtime. I think I might be rambling a bit now. I’ll sign off for now.


2 thoughts on “Too long a day

  1. Happy birthday Tama 🙂 I guess I can’t be too annoyed at your angry writing cause it’s your bday.
    Or I could get angry and write a lot today? lol

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