Mondays off

I worked Saturday, but have today off. Pity that today is the grand opening at my library where I work. No matter. I see the place on a daily basis. I guess I can miss out on a little free food. I go back to work tomorrow, for a short week, which is all fine with me. Next week is short too. Then a week off. And a 34th birthday somewhere in the middle of all that.

A new datastream of AP starts today, and is up. It follows the misadventures of Agent Tyler, and his jacket. I like him as a character. He’s a tough lil shit. And perhaps a little on the mad side. I have another three weeks up my sleeve on the series at the moment, and probably more before the weeks end. Never fear. No lack of AP any time in the future. I do miss the voting side of things though … that was fun.

This datastream sees a more gritty side of things. And hopefully shows more of the environment that people live in, even if it isn’t typical of how they all live. And Tyler is very much a ‘grass roots’ agent, not the super 007 type that Constance is.

Next. Just a general thought on television. New Zealand is going through a television revolution at the moment, with the change to HD format. Also, Sky (our major and actually only cable provider) has long since had MySky, a service where you can ‘watch something and record two other channels while you do it’. Our free cable Freeview has something similar too. But it’s all free.

Now TiVo is coming to New Zealand. But ya know what? With all these new options, there really isnt a lot more worth watching. And I’m a stickler for tuning in each week to see something of my latest favorite program. I’ve started watching True Blood, which is decent, and a rather accurate translation of the book series. I made it half way through Legend of the Seeker before I realised that it really was a pretty corny plot, and it didn’t seem that way when I was reading it as a book.

Roll on Star Wars, the TV series? I’m not sure. I just aint. All this new technology, and really, there isn’t anything all that gripping on TV. Why do people insist on translating books to TV or even movie? It doesn’t work out all that way. Start afresh. Get it sorted! I need good TV. Everyone does. Sooner we get free of this reality shit the better, but at least that age is passing.

Time to keep working on Card Writer Clash. With luck, I’ll have a basic model working today. I had to hack the rules up yet again, because not everyone is as prolific as Cassie or I. I looked at some situations and realised that at our writing rates, the fighters wouldnt survive at all. It would be a constant blood bath.


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