In Silent Hill do they ever get back to their own dimension?

akumaThat was the question posed to me in the search that ended up in my blog. And I’ll do my best to answer that one I think. If you mean the movie, then no. I don’t think they ever get back to their own realm. The end of the film is in mist, and the husband is in a rather clean and happy version of their house. Actually, I thought it was a rather cool ending. And I think it had something to do with the girl seeing Ellysa in the final fight, after she told her not to watch.

In the games? I think it depends on the ending I think. The first game has two endings. The second, three from memory …

Onto other news … Cassie has laid down the challenge. I can’t remember what came first, the challenge or the idea I had to make yet another writing game, this one called Card Writer Clash, which is based off Capcom vs SNK: Card Fighter Clash, which is a NeoGeo Pocket game, and a rather cool one at that.

If memory serves me right, she said something like ‘if you think you can beat my word count, bring it on. I will kick your ass and lay you out flat’. Something like that. But it was awfully nasty of her. We can’t let her say that without a fight. Oh no. I just need to make a medium where two writers can fight to the death. Or at least prevent imaginary beings from perishing because of their lack of word count.

So I’m developing a quick version of Card Writer Clash. A simple game where fighters fight depending on your word counts, and a bit of careful strategy. Up there is an example of one of the cards of the deck. More to come!


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