A new week, and 10k for the month to date

Firstly, shout outs to Alpha_Alpha! Thanks for reading man! There is a new segment up tonight. An interlude of sorts, but the next datastream is in the works. I’ve already written it and considering writing more, but would much rather keep with the voting system, cause it’s sorta cool.

10k already written this month, and approaching 50k for the year to date. Not too bad, I think. I think I might be back on track, writing wise, but life ain’t been too kind to me of late. I don’t like to think that’s an excuse, cause it ain’t, but I think it certainly throws you for a loop. I have to at least think about writing well enough to write it.

Oh, and I actually got a hit to the blog for the search ‘whiskers on mittens’ as in ‘whiskers on mittens and warm woollen kittens’, my favourite mutilation of the age old song from Sound of Music. I wonder why they were searching on that. Did they get the line wrong by mistake?


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