And Sundays

Well I invested a little time yesterday in that oft forgotten writers job; self promotion. i tried to see if there were any sites out there to put news of my AP series. Free fiction it is, so surely it should be out there, doing the rounds.

No real luck really, unfortunately. I might see what I can do today. But in the very least, I’ve been told comment wide and comment well. Supposedly that will up the hits. Well, hits are up today, and it does appear that AP is getting some readership.

I have been watching a lot of movies lately, catching up on things I haven’t seen. Starting off with City of Ember, which was a rather good kids book. I was surprised to hear that it was being made into a movie, but then maybe I shouldn’t. Bought to us by Walden Media, who bought us Narnia. It wasn’t as hot as it could be, despite following the book pretty much exactly. It didn’t have the impending sense of total panic and doom of the book. Bill Murray’s role as the mayor was surprising and fun though.

Check out that movie poster there. Never happened in the film. Very religiously themed I think.

Renaissance, a french animated film (in english) staring Daniel Craig, right before he did Bond. It was a rather art house, award winning festival film sorta film. Shot in very stark black and white, and rotoscoped, I include it in the company of Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell in terms of film examples of cyberpunk. It’s also an influence of sorts in Agents Provocateurs, in terms of its ‘clean future’ appearance. It’s the dark future, but it’s not messy. It just rains a lot. Excellent stuff.

And finally the Dark Knight. Which I didn’t see in cinemas. Instead I watched Clone Wars. Buuuah. Dark Knight was an interesting piece of work. No doubt that Heath Ledger was great as the Joker, and it was nice how it was all done. Absolutely hated the editing, which ended up confusing me. It wasn’t very obvious to me what the Joker did in a lot of his scenes, as they quickly cut passed the ‘nasty stuff’. Which is fine enough, but jarring as hell. Also, the film was packed so tight, I actually missed a few things, until the facts were bluntly obvious.

And that’s about it I think. No doubt I’ll do a little more film catching up. I have Gattica to watch, another rather cool near future film, this time exploring the morality of genetics.


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