Getting it together

Writing has been rather challenging of late. Tis almost rather like I’ve run out of ideas or things to write. I decided to fix that yesterday by forcing myself in behind the keyboard for an hour a day, like I used to, and just sitting there if I have to. Usually I get bored and write something.

Having said that, I did write what I consider to be an AP interlude. That is, a one off between real datastreams. Should I continue with AP. Thing is, I can’t think of anything else to change to, so for now, it’s AP. I will update Mondays, because I gotta stick to something. So for now, it’s AP.

Thanks to Cassie and thanks to Jerome for reading it! And the others that I don’t know about, cause I know there are a few others.

So I guess expect more thrills this Monday, and the Monday following with a new datastream, coming your way? This is almost like 2000AD. Having said that, I did rather toy with the idea of getting together a few like minded writers who didn’t mind writing pulp weekly, and bundling it into an ezine of some sort. Call it Thrilling Pulp! or something. Not sure if I’ve spoken about my love of the 2000AD format. It’s fun to have something to read every Monday.


One thought on “Getting it together

  1. I’m still trying to think up an idea I could use for a serial…. you’ll be the first to know if I have any luck

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