The bad writer returns

Well I’m back. I guess there is only so long I can sit on my ass and read books, rather than writing like I should be. I’ve been distracted by Saints Row 2, and New Seattle (long story, some other time), and life in general I guess. Nothing like getting grumpier and grumpier as I grow up. I guess that comes with the turf of being a supervisor, and a grown up.

Right. What else? Well tomorrow I write up perhaps one of the most crucial Agents Provocateurs yet! The final segment in the datastream, or rather, the end of this particular story. Question is what do I write next. I’m dedicated to writing something each Monday, under this format. It might be that I tell a different story in the same setting. Not sure about that one yet.

I had some rather strange notion after finishing the next dramatic episode of the Dark Tower series to read nothing but e-books or things that could be read on my phone. After a lot of research, I discovered I might actually need to buy e-books, which I wouldn’t be entirely adverse to.

If I commit to reading stuff on my phone for the next few months, I certainly don’t want to read bloody classics. It shows me how little free fiction there is out there. Well, stuff that isn’t out of copyright. What’s up with that? I guess people are more interested in publishing.

I haven’t looked into the realm of fan fiction. And I guess that’s the thing with free fiction. Finding stuff of it that is actually any good. It might rather be like finding a needle in a haystack. But when it comes to fan fiction I’ve read so many times that ‘I’ve read fan fiction better than the actual thing’. I wanna see that.

I wouldn’t mind a handle on a Kindle too. I’m a librarian, and I find myself in a rather strange position. As a Gen-Xer, I’ve adopted technologies rather quick, and grown up with them, from their inception to the assumption these days of broadband that ‘always works’. But as a librarian, I’m a traditionalist, in a lot of ways.

Kindles don’t feel like books, you can’t turn pages and such. No. But is it the book, or is it the adventure? We talk about curling up in front of a fire with a ‘good book’. But is that the physical or the mental adventure that we embark on. I’m almost willing to believe that it’s the mental part of the process. That’s why I wouldn’t mind seeing how I go reading in a non book format.

Not on a computer.

I’ll document the process, and see how I go with it. For a start, a Kindle is damn expensive, and until the prices come down, I ain’t going digital. But the concept of having all the books with you like ‘all your music’ on your iPod is a seductive one …


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