Bad writer, BAD!

I haven’t written since Monday’s segment of AP. I’ve been reading instead and been distracted by other things like MUXs and 360s. I would panic a little more, but most of me thinks I’ll get through it in a few more days. No, I’ll probably get through it next Monday after a weekend of not writing, when I write the next segment of AP. The final one in this particular datastream.

I guess I’m going through a down patch, work is a hint on the boring side at the moment. Pulling far too many Agent Dale’s to get me through the day, whether it be rewarding myself by not writing at all, or just sitting around drinking coffee and reading. Bah. Naughty writer. When all it would take to get back on with it would be to just sit and start writing. That’s sometimes the hardest thing to do.

One thought on “Bad writer, BAD!

  1. Sometimes it is.
    We all have bad patches! I’m having one too, lol and just when I got on a roll…. always the way right? Though mine is more because of the whole sick/grumpy/non sleeping baby and the husband being away, so I guess there are some reasonable reasons.
    Looking forward to the next/last part of this datastream and seeing how things get resolved!

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