Agents Provocateurs: A new segment downloading Mondays!

Well it looks like I’ve lucked out a little after early (and rather impressive) voting results on AP. I have to say I got more votes that I figured I might. Still, I plan to write this weekend, freeing myself up on the week for my Project Tales, which is standing at about 2 short stories. I’ll be interested to see where that goes also.

I’m thinking that AP is about 2 segments off its first datastream. That is, two chapters off the first storyline. Who knows what Constance will be up to in the next datastream. Will it even be Constance? Who can know?

I had a thought a few days ago. Would it be easy enough to read nothing but free fiction or at least e-fiction on my cellphone for a year. There is enough free fiction out there, but would there be enough to keep me from going mad? I’m still a little of a snob when it comes to e-fiction. I like stuff that’s gone through the rigorous process of needing to go through a major publishing house, with its we-know-what-the-public-want point of view.

Well, off to Watchmen in about 45 minutes. Hope it’s a decent translation of what is perhaps one of the best graphic novels ever written …


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