A week approaching

Well it feels like a lazy Sunday night, but actually, it’s a lazy Monday night. This will play havoc with my upcoming week. I’ll be going into a completely different building at work come tomorrow. Hoo-rah. It’s sorta exciting. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll still be enjoying it as much in a few days time!

So, this week, what should we try to get done. I need to have another episode of AP up tomorrow, so that’s my writing for tomorrow sorted. After that, I guess I should spend some time writing down all this stuff that Ray is giving me. I guess it’s a strange way of doing things, but how better to get to know a character than let him wander along with you all day at work. Sure makes for interesting times.

Ray demanded that I read Dante’s Inferno, and Milton’s Paradise Lost, before he gives me anything else at all on him. Hmmm … well, he’s certainly a rather disturbed lad. I’m starting to get a fuller picture of what sort of novel this will end up being. Write it and see how it comes out, I guess. It’s seeming a rather unconventional gay novel at the moment.

Cassie beat me to it. At the moment, I’m pondering that I will use this novel idea for SOCNOC.


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