Riding shotgun to my mind

Someone has been tagging along in my head all day. This might sound vague schizophrenic, and who knows, maybe it is. I still haven’t found out his name, but the big guy is decent company. I know he’s gay. I know he’s a little on the large side, which surprised me. I asked ‘didn’t your boyfriend hit you’ and he replied without batting an eyelid ‘yes, and I hit him back’. He wears out the soles of his sneakers with his weight.

He’s rather well dressed. He’s a security guard, I think. He reads. He likes console games. He’s got a few tattoos, a few of which he regrets. Doesn’t smoke, although he did weed, which he sorta half regrets. Bad influence from an ex. He had a very troubling upbringing. I don’t think any characters have followed me around since Tyson. That’s possibly a good sign.

So with the vague feeling that another novel is on the horizon, close too, perhaps, I ponder many things. What should it be about. What do you have, I ask this big guy, that’s worth telling, that people want to hear. Do we want yet another gay novel about dealing with homophobia, or not coming out to your friends, or another story of the horrors of AIDs. Tyson’s story was something of a typical one, it was a coming of age gay story, but it was a local one, with local people.

So after thought I guess the big thing that comes up in my mind is that I want to read another local story with gay characters. Screw anything else. I wanna read something with our own people, doing stuff we do, and dealing with maybe that same shared thing amongst gay culture. It’s just been so long since I’ve read about us.

It might be time to start making notes. I wouldn’t mind finding out a bit more about this guy whose following me around.


One thought on “Riding shotgun to my mind

  1. Sounds like he’s being persistent, hope he gives you a name soon! Names are often helpful. Good luck with finding out more 🙂

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