Judge a book by its cover

There’s yet another article vaguely worth checking out. It’s about books with cool covers. I guess they sorta look ok. I almost read Sharp Teeth, but not because of its cool cover. And this one here for A Clockwork Orange haunted me as a kid. Whenever I saw that book, I thought ‘there’s a nasty book’ not even knowing what it was about.

Frankly, the covers there are ok … but none of them are even half as good as the worst book from Firebird Books which have the best covers anywhere at all.

As we can see part three of AP is up, with a rather interesting poll. In my opinion at least. One with implications far beyond just this part of the story. Not too sure what I’m going to do today. I should probably use the time to read older stories, or something. Anything.

I feel a novel coming on. Last time I had this yearning, I wrote Tyson. I’m not so sure this time ago. There’s a lot of musing and thinking and talking internally about this particular feeling.


One thought on “Judge a book by its cover

  1. I’m feeling a novel coming on as well! If I can get out of my funk and get myself sorted with finishing off the planning that is lol

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