Non writing pursuits

First harvest

Pod people?Not Day of the Triffids, but wandering into my garden to pick these dear wee things almost is. The place is totally overgrown and while pushing between tomato plants collapsing in on their weight, and corn towering over me, I found that the pumpkin vines that have taken over almost the rest of the garden have things that almost look like pumpkins on them now.

Those are my cucumbers. Almost my entire crop of them too. Sorta disappointing. Almost. They certainly aint as big as the ones you buy in the stores, but they taste like cucumber heaven. I’ve never tasted cucumbers like these. They don’t have the sharp tasting skins, and they are far more full of watery goodness. I love em, even if they are only half the size and look more like pod people. Ah, all that attention for five weirdly shaped vegetables.

Let’s hope that even some of the tomatoes make it through the things attacking them. And then there’s the corn. The weird looking corn.


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