tama wise



That’s a big yellow tick. As in my Kiwiwriters submission is in and that’s another thing done. I notice that not a lot of people have finished it, but then I guess there still are another 6 days or so before it closes. At least I’ve finished it. Here’s hoping.

Today I figure that I should pry myself away from Half Life 2 long enough to get the next datastream for AP up and done. Voting has been furious and I’ve had 9 registered readers. I wonder if I can create some sort of notification system, given that I’m not all that regular yet. Well, I’m overly regular until I finally do go to weekly updates.

It’s still fun at the moment. It’s the only writing I’m really working on at the moment. No stress. Good to have a little downtime while I can. And good to have some readers again too.