Try it, it’s fun!

I do rather like where my serial fiction is heading. If I get enough hits and reads in the next few days I might well write Sunday and then continue to update Mondays like I had planned. Something that Cassie said gave me a long term plot idea, so expect exciting times ahead.

But for now, there’s a more straight forward thing at hand. Is Agent Carter a double agent? Or something else entirely? Check up with the latest issues of AP.

Nothing much else to report. Just rather glad that I have a three day weekend. It’s almost perfect. It’s thundering and raining outside. I’m warm and well fed inside and have Half Life 2 to play should I get bored. I won’t.


One thought on “Try it, it’s fun!

  1. lol sounds like you’ll have a great weekend!
    It’s pouring down here still… it stopped long enough for us to BBQ outside last night though which was nice. This morning Ivy has dancing, and then a birthday party…. I’m worn out just thinking about it all lol

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