Another days work

God it’s good having Cassie back on deck! I certainly can’t slack off now can I? No I can’t. Today I proved my Kiwi Writers contribution. I guess I should read up on the submission guidelines now that I’ve written and proved the story. I like it well enough. I think it’s worth letting out of the block and out onto the world.

I looks like early readers want Agent Carter dead. I might point out both voters were girls, heh. I might write up the next chapter tomorrow. I spent the rest of the time at my writing this morning reading over old stuff, and looking through old ideas. I think I’m ready to do a bit more writing now. Two votes is a general indication of where things should go, so on with it, I think.


One thought on “Another days work

  1. Just because we say ‘kill him’ doesn’t mean that he has to die, only that she should move ahead in that direction anyways 😉 lol
    Yay glad you’re liking having me back around! and am so glad you’re working on that submission. I’ll expect it in the mail before the week is out hehe.

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