Onwards and upwards

I’ve started on a new project, perhaps a bad idea, but a fun one none the less. I like serial fiction. I like writing it, when I get into the drift of things. There’s just something about something that you can work on if you need to that you can just experiment and play with.

I decided to give it a go, updated weekly, writing for 30 minutes. It’s something I could do during weekends, I tell myself. Writing during weekends is good.

So, rather than work with Judge Farrell, I’ve started on something of my own. It’s something I’m calling Agents Provocateur, which are people who infiltrate groups, or work undercover, and generally get people to commit crimes, so they can then be arrested. They provoke crime. Generally speaking, it’s a rather controversial type of operation, generally considered entrapment. Which isn’t legal.

This story is set in a near cyberpunk future (which itself is another story), and follows (at the moment) Agent Constance. It’s the post just below this one, so read it (it’s rather short) and vote on what happens next. Lets see how well this one works. Cassie shall be cursing me for not carrying Pax Britannica.

On that note, welcome back Cassie!


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