Monday mornings

A little bit of a complication. I woke on Saturday morning amongst birds and such things. The phone rung! Hollering on the other end were Powerpuff Girl-esque (maybe Batman would be a better analogy?) shouts for help. The library was understaffed and in desperate need of staff! Given I’m not down for Saturday relief work (I treasure my weekends to recover with the other half), I guessed it must be pretty dire, and leapt into action. Cue another Powerpuff type scene. Except with a guy.

So I didn’t get to write on Saturday, but I wasn’t planning on it. Sunday was used to recover from 6 days of work, and the shock of working on a day when you didn’t think you were going to be working. What did I do yesterday? Not a lot. Played a lot of Oblivion.

I’m not ready for this week. I need to work out something to write so I’m not flailing like a useless thing. I’m not quite sure what that is yet, but I’ve got about 4 minutes before I get ready for work, and about 30 minutes before I get there to work it out. And quick!

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