Becoming a habit!

Posting daily that is. Which is a good thing. I’m also almost writing as regularly as well. Which is also a good thing. I started on my Kiwi Writers submission. I’m a little picky about it really. I don’t want to treat it anything less than a professional submission, even if it is a place where I hang out from time to time. I should have it finished by tomorrow, easily. My rate of writing seems to have dropped somewhat though, I’ve noticed.

Now, onto the strange results I get as a result of searches that end up at my blog. “What would happen if the Allies lost WW2?” Well, dear reader, I hope you found my post on Man in the High Castle. For that would have the answer there for you. Or at least one answer. “End of Zork?” Well, I didn’t play much Zork. In fact, I remember mentioning that I didn’t even find the underground passage, in the house. At the start of the game.


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