Road Trips

The 2009 Road Trip series; Road trip II: Trip harder

I need to do better than this. All I ever seem to turn up for my Road Trip Series is 1950’s housewifes in their big powerful gas guzzlers. This has nothing at all to do with writing. Nothing could be further from the idea of writing than getting in ones car and traveling for 3 hours for a 3 day weekend out of town.

To make a lengthy thought short, work is a rather hard thing at the moment. I’ve put in for a days leave. Just one. The first Road Trip was such a cool thing, that I want to do it again, and will do again, coming up 28th February through to the 2nd March. I dub it the 2009 Road Trip series. This one shall be called Road trip II: Trip harder.

Far too much thought and energy and excitement invested in this particular little thing. Maybe after four or five of these little trips away and it will have lost a little of its gleam. But hell, nothing better than having something to look forward to in terms of upcoming holiday time. What is it they say? Plan your next time off as soon as you get back to work from your current time off? Keeps one sane, methinks.

Maybe this time around I’ll give photos.


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