Getting back on the wagon

Too busy waiting for the thing I can’t tell you all about yet. Too busy doing that to actually get off (or on) my ass and write. So I changed that today and kicked out a 3k short story. I was meant to finish this particular challenge in one sitting, but damned if I can write a 1,800 word short story. 3k appears to be my total bottom.

Right. So if I have any sense I’ll write my Kiwi Writers Forum challenge story tomorrow. Or maybe take two days to write it. That’s ok. There’s only three more weeks left in February, and I don’t want to slack on that one. Technically, it’s a publishable work, which means it aughta take precedence over other non publishable projects.

It’s times like this I should be more onto it. I think to myself ‘ok, I should be writing, but what should I write’. I need something pointless and ok. Something I can just go to if I need to sit and get the word count up. Because sometimes you need to just do that. Just sit and write.


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