Non writing pursuits

Ode to Cassie

What freaking modern world country makes a client wait for a port on broadband? Are we that backwards in technology here in NZ that people in a relatively built up area can’t just get broadband? We’re not talking the far flung rural regions of the South Island here. And how come a company can’t realize that a person wants internet and work something out? Here, we can’t give you broadband, but we can give you this until we get it sorted out.

Course, I’m sure the company Cassie is with has taken the ‘it’s not us, it’s Telecom’ line. I’m sure it’s just not because I work in customer service, but I think that the customer service of a lot of places in NZ is sorely lacking. Meanwhile, Cassie languishes offline. It all peeves me off on more than a few levels.


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