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Losing the weekend to Oblivion


I consider that my blog is about writing. Or maybe it’s probably more about just my life in general, and writing is the one thing I end up doing the most of. No, it is meant to be almost entirely about writing. And I don’t appear to be doing a lot of writing lately.

That will change Monday. I think I’ll get the Kiwi Writers Forum collection challenge out of the way.

In the meanwhile I’m rather easily distracted by Oblivion, but after the week I’ve had, I’m fine with that. Having been a huge Morrowind fan, endlessly restarting the game with a new race or class to see how the game could be played, I’d looked forward to Oblivion, but with mixed views. I’d heard a lot about the game good and bad. And, then these people went on to do another of my favourite game series; Fallout3.

Initially, I didn’t like it too much. Slow loading times on the Xbox. Bewildering layout, given I’d come from PC RPGs. I found it rather peculiar that the world was so heavily populated by ruins, and that (at least in the start of the game) you could see the Imperial capital no matter where you were (that’s it up there).

Course I warmed to it though. The plotline is rather hard hitting and significant. The missions are far more interesting and interactive than Morrowinds, and they come at you almost by surprise in some cases. The world makes a little more sense in places, two of the guilds require more than just walking up to the front door and asking. And the missions by which you have to join (these two at least) are rather fun.

The game is nothing like the tech demo I saw with the old lady and her dog. They wander about, but thats about it. It is cool to listen in on conversations (and in some cases, gives you clues to what to do next). They are a hideous bunch though. For all the pretty graphics, the characters are ugly.

And sneaking! Well, you can actually sneak and have it worth it. Morrowinds sneaking was ok, but it’s easier and just makes more sense in Oblivion. You have clues as to whether it’s working or not. No blind wandering with someone staring straight at you, the person you didn’t notice there all along.

I do lament that there are no tourist moments in the game so far. I’ve not stared at something and gone ‘wow’. Sure, it all looks pretty. But the Imperial city almost looks a little foolish sitting on the landscape there (at a distance at least). The secluded mountain fortress that pops up a bit into the game did make me think ‘ooh, that’s nice’. But we will see.

So I’ll most likely continue wasting my weekend away with Oblivion. In two hours, I’ll see if I get my hands on another game I’m itching to own; Bioshock.

Well, I had meant to talk about plot and story of Oblivion, but haven’t got around to it. I do guess that is part of what I like about Morrowind and Oblivion. The world is alive and rich and full. The difference being that you can discover it at your own rate, rather with writing where you go along with it all.