Non writing pursuits

I’ve designed a mass combat system, now what?

Exactly. Now what? At least it’s done. But I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. I did consider polishing it up a little and sitting it up here as a free download. I wonder if it works, but I think it probably would do a decent job.

I thought about writing during my overly busy day. My exhausted brain escaped to writing briefly and I let the idea run for a while. But then I got distracted by work. And I lost it. Work is heavy enough at the moment that I’ve never been less in a mood to write. Just too tired to really think in that frame of mind. I’m glad that the upcoming weekend is a long one. At least the mass combat system has been productive, using the logical side of my brain. The creative side is a little cringing away at the moment. Whimpering like a child.

Last day of work tomorrow.


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