Project underway

I didn’t start on my steampunk Kiwi Writers submission. Instead I started work on my interactive fiction project. It is meant to be a simple treasure hunt affair, but of course it’s turning out to at least be lushly written. I just can’t bring myself to write in the bare bone styles of the text adventures I’m emulating. It makes sense though, less things in the description makes for lighter work. If you don’t describe all the many lush trees, you don’t have to then provide for the command ‘look at the trees’.

I was bought up on the most simple of affairs, but the classics none the less. The Pawn, Guild of Thieves, Cave Adventure. I never got anywhere with those ones, I don’t think I even found the cave in Cave Adventure, but they were enough to sway me. I did far better in later Magnetic Scrolls game Corruption, which was a brilliant piece of work. The characters moved around. They did things. It was like watching life play out, in some small way. I remember being delighted after I knocked on a stall door and the character inside berated me.

I wonder if I can do even half as well. Lets see.


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