Non writing pursuits

Road Trip 2009!

Well the time is here, and I won’t be going in a DeSoto, but I might as well be. I always had a love for those rather cool looking 1950’s car adverts. There sorta is a simple pleasure of the open road, just driving. Thankfully, I’m doing in a car a little less gas guzzling than our friend the DeSoto here.

I have my printout from Google Maps, that I probably won’t look at. Gotta remember, pack the iPod. Charge it first. All the cables. My Asus Eee, even if I never use it, and no, I won’t be writing. Toiletries. Clothes.

The idea is that I get up at 7am, toss back the blankets, strangely awake and alert, walking towards the door eating breakfast and taking up my packed suitcase on the way to the door. Reality is, I don’t even get up at 7am on a work day, and I certainly ain’t showered by then.

We’ll see how things go.

I didn’t get to be the library mascot this morning, which was actually ticked me off more than I thought it might. Too many people called in sick, so I had to cover them in part. Ah well, next time I guess. At least the week is done, and Road Trip 2009 is a reality. I might post during my time away, but chances are, probably not. See you Monday night, in that case!


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