Thinking and thinking

So I realized a yesterday that there is still another week in January. What a big month. Big enough that I don’t have to panic too much over finishing my New Year Novella by the end of the week. Which would be hard, given what I have to do this week.

No stress.

So I’ve been toying off and on with dumping my interactive fiction project. Too much on my plate, my mind reasons. Then I figured maybe I was being overambitious in my project, which is possible also. What I have there in the picture is Guild of Thieves. It’s the sort of interactive fiction I grew up with. Back then it was called text adventures. So I figured maybe I’d peg back my expectations and make a game like that one. Pretty much a sophisticated treasure hunt. Back then they tended to be treasure hunt games. Or at least the ones I played.

And, to get the damn thing out of the way, I figured maybe I might try a Nanowrimo type thing but for the project. It would be easier working on it full time, I reason, rather than ‘getting around to it’, as I currently am. Then I can work on it, one puzzle location at a time. Yes. That makes sense. I already have a good lot of ideas, and plan on setting it in the Glimpse of Heaven and Hell setting that I have.

My driving test is Wednesday morning. Right now I’m really looking forward to my solo road trip to Auckland. That means passing the test on Wednesday. And dressing up as a green tuatara on Friday.


One thought on “Thinking and thinking

  1. I remember being incredibly nervous for my driving test. Once I started taking it, though, it was like I was on auto-pilot. I did everything with no problems at all, even parallel parking. The worst mistake you can make, I think, is to psyche yourself out. The second worst mistake is to let one or two mistakes fluster you to the point where it all goes to pieces. Good luck with it!

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