Another lazy Sunday

And if I had any sense I’d be writing now. I figure that with my commitments next week, my driving practical and my guest appearance as the Libraries mascot (uh-huh), I will have about three days next week where I can write during usual times. And I’m sitting on around 12k. Maybe I might have to actually write during non usual times.

I think even despite everything, I still suffer a little from ‘have to do it right the first time’ syndrome. Rather than just writing whatever, whenever and getting digital ink on digital paper.

I find myself rather distracted by my new cellphone. It has games. Lots of games. Games that distract me for hours on end. It’s like my PSP, but the screens so much smaller. And I like the design aesthetic. Just like the good old days (?) of the c64, people actually have to design games that are playworthy on a restricted platform, rather than making crap on an endless one.

Next weekend I’ll be off. All things going well, I’ll have the class of license enough to drive up to the Big Smoke by myself.


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