Messing around in boats

That is, if they are steam-powered, and heading off to some secret, magic grove. I appear to have given myself yet another distraction to writing, but at least it’s a creative one. I’ve dragged poor Cassie in as well, yet we may drag new people in too if it works. Of course, I’m speaking of Pax Britannia: Being of Steam and Magic, a shared world idea.

Each day that passes, we may pull a tarot card and then either create a new entry in the world, or add to one, using that card as a guide and theme. Set in 1870, it’s a mix of steampunk and magic, as well as tossing in the real world for good measure. Who knows what excitement may come of it. I have actually done shared world creation once before, with my old RPG group, and the results were both exciting and rather cool.

Given that I stuffed around with this idea all day, I didn’t work on my novella. Maybe I’ll force myself into catching up tomorrow. I’m rather short of the 10k I set myself.


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