Could I write a Booker?

… and perhaps other possibly pretentious musings. I think things like this all the time when I read. It’s the part of my brain that can’t just read a book and enjoy it as a reader any more. It’s the part of my brain that’s a writer and wonders about the pacing, or the genre. I’m reading Child 44, which was a Booker Shortlister for the last awards and wondering ‘what is it that makes this a Booker contender?’ and ‘hmmm … I’m sure I could emulate something like this’.

It’s the same musings I’ve had reading romance novels, or crime noir, or other genres. Once you have voice and technique, what else do you need to write in different genres, or write different styles? Of course, it is the end of the week, I’m tired as heck and probably ranting a little. I’m sure this line of thought might go somewhere interesting otherwise. There just might be a challenge in this …


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