Tomorrow is a new day. Of work.

Ah yes, my holidays will seem like a distant memory tomorrow morning, when I head back to the grind. Four days off has seemed like a rather long time. I’ve sat on my ass, played excessive amounts of Transport Tycoon. Driven a WRX, manual, of course. Eaten good breakfasts. Played more Transport Tycoon. Watched The Wire, which is an excellent series. But now, all over. My mate is back in Auckland, and I’m back to work tomorrow.

And I start on my New Years Novella tomorrow. I still think I can get that all done in the next few weeks, without too much trouble. I know where it starts, got half a clue where it ends.

I should keep referring to my list of things to do this year religiously, to keep me on target. Of last year, I can say that I completed 154k of words, or there abouts. I am feeling somewhat aimless at the moment. It might be to do with the lack of writing. Or the fact that I’ve been doing precious little for the last few days. It will be interesting to see how I feel about things come tomorrow.

Meanwhile, check out Dictionary: Impossible which seems like a rather cool diversion. I can’t. Novella to write.


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