Bad, bad man

My lack of constant blog posts tell me that I’m just not in the frame of mind for writing. I’m too much in holiday mode. I’m horribly aware that in two days I’ll be back to work, as if none of this happened. I’ll be back to the daily grind, five days a week. That means, surely, that I’ll be back to writing lots every day as well.

It’s day three of the New Year Novella challenge, and I haven’t really done a lot in the way of writing. None in fact, but I have been thinking about it. Both characters are named. Sorta. And I have most of the plot. Again, sorta. But then, I’m just treading water really at the moment. I don’t really have much intention of doing anything writing related seriously at the moment.

Well then, come Monday, things will be all ready to get the novella done by the 20th. I figure I should still be able to keep up with that.


One thought on “Bad, bad man

  1. You best hope so 😉 You’ve given me the opportunity to get a huge lead on you. Now if only the children would give me the time… oh I see what you did. You recruited Ivy into needing extra attention right? lol

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