One day closer to New Years

But I’ve already made all my New Years resolutions, so it’s ok. I managed to do some work on my IF project today, very aware of the fact that come Wednesday I’ll be starting on a novella that I’ve not really planned at all. I have characters. I might just see how they go, as I’ve got a few concepts and such. In short, I’ll be fine with that on I think.

Then on to Tyson. Finish him and get him out. Damn him.

That takes me through to the end of January. And somewhere in the bits and pieces there, the second lunch breaks and quiet moment, and probably the weekends I can work on the IF project. That’s my goal at least. Lets hope it works out that way.

A most boring post, but doing my best to keep up with a post a day! I wonder how long I can keep this up for?


One thought on “One day closer to New Years

  1. So I was reading an update from J.C. Hart and I saw, on her blogroll, “Letters from Silent Hill”. I HAD to click it. lol Here’s what I think about New Years resolutions. They’re overrated, why use the end of a year to change yourself when you can easily do so any other time of the year? Just my two cents. 🙂

    But anyway, nice to meet you and it sounds like you’ve got alot goin’ for yourself!

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