Where the hell have YOU been?

I love regularity in life. Being an Aries, I like everything ordered. I’m also rather partial to creature comforts. So when I get more than a few days off work, everything goes to heck, order goes out the window, and so does regularity. So then stops the writing, the blog posts, the updating of my Good Reads profile. Everything grinds to a halt.

I probably need it, truth be told.

But here I am, back again. It’s only the middle of my holidays. Tomorrow I have to work three days, and then I’m of another four. I’m lucky. I’m not taking holidays, but the days off and weekends fall perfectly for me.

I have been working a bit. On my interactive fiction idea that I’ve named ‘Where the sky and the Earth touch’. A good load of short descriptions put together. And getting together a bundle of ideas. It’s different than writing, even though I think it is just writing. It’s non linear for a start, I can work on one thing or another if I get bored. Ooh, and there’s no editing.

So, New Years Resolutions, because I hate these things. But this year I think I’ll make myself a small list. I might have to work rather damn hard to get them all completed with the time in a year.

#1, Enter the Interactive Fiction 2009 competition.
#2, Get Tyson published.
#3, Enter Nanowrimo 2009.
#4, Enter the Huia 2009 competition.

That looks like a rather heroic list, now I see it written down. Tyson is the bugbear of my darn life at the moment, and getting him dealt to will be a good thing. I’ll finish him in the month of January, when I’m also doing the Kiwi Writers new year novella.

Got to enter the Huia competition. I’d like to get more than a few short stories written for that one. And Nanowrimo, despite it’s absolutely crap timing as always, is another given for the year. Not sure about Socnoc. Although I’ve always wanted to do a Socnoc.

Finally, the IF Comp. I have tried a few times already (two years running) to enter this competition. I still have to get around to ranting about my connection to interactive fiction. I guess in a way it has to do with why I love writing. It’s creating a world to lose oneself in. Interactive fiction, good interactive fiction, does that. Back when I got my first computer, about the same time I was starting to read seriously as a kid, I also had good old text adventures. Those developed into the interactive fiction of today.

So that’s my list and hopefully I can tick them off, one by one. I think they are doable. I will have to work rather hard though. There are a few others that could make the list, but I’ll leave them off. Post daily to your blog is one that should be there, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Where the hell have YOU been?

  1. I’ll keep nagging you about some of those things at least 🙂 It’s good to have some goals, even if you don’t end up making them all at least you’re likely to achieve some of them.

  2. Hello,

    I am writing on behalf of G. P. Putnam’s Sons because we occasionally send out advance copies of books we are particularly excited about and we would love to have your contact information.

    If possible, please reply via email.

    Thank you so much,

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